Glass Engraving

A Professional Service

Are you looking to add a personal touch to a gift, award or trophy? You can rely on Crystal Stone Engraving to supply beautifully engraved, bespoke glass and crystal. Providing first-class service at affordable prices.

Mike will help you with advising on all aspects of artwork, glass/crystal products, and engraving. Glass engraving starts with an idea, contact us with your idea, or if you need a little inspiration!

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The Process

Text, along with your chosen logo/crest or simple embellishment is drawn up as artwork to be used for engraving and supplied to you, for your approval or amendment.  Once approved, the artwork is used to create stencils using the latest technology and Photo-resist materials.  The stencils are applied to the glass/crystal items and then sandblasted, producing a high quality engraving with fine details and to a depth that you can dig your fingernail into!

The Results

Mike is skilled in various engraving techniques and offers beautiful halftone engraving (photo-engraving) and highly detailed logos/crests that will lift the item beyond anything you could imagine.

Halftone Engraving Highly Detailed Logo/Crest Engraving
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This is only possible when using sandblasting, the depth and detail is not achievable using lasers or traditional (metal) engraving machines. We can engrave in multiple positions, which will provide plenty of scope for your message picture or logo, this option can be chosen when you are placing your order online too!

  Multiple Position Engraving



If needed, Mike will help you with an imaginative engraving layout, although a little more money it is more than worthwhile when you see the finished result!

If you want your gift to stand out from the crowd then this is an option you will want to explore, get in touch to find out more!

Imaginative Engraving  


A Speciality

Mirror engraving is one of our specialities, we can personalise mirrors with bespoke engraving, ideal for gifts or for use in promotions for retail, corporate or in the catering and bar industries. The detailed crisp designs that we achieve will truly stand out.

Halftone Engraving on a Black Mirror Engraved Mirror infilled with Gold colour
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Heraldic Crests

We have a huge library and use this to research the oldest Heraldic crest, placing them into our embellishment.  If the name isn’t in the library, we refund your money! Scottish clan crests, are a speciality, and make wonderful Wedding/Anniversary gifts. To enhance the crest we can add colour infill, this looks particularly beautiful when engraved onto our Rock Tablets. These handmade pieces of glass are framed with a rugged edge that epitomises the natural beauty of the hewn rock of The Highlands of Scotland, where they are Hand Made(!) and are stunning Gifts and Presentation pieces.

A Dome Paperweight engraved with a Heraldic Crest The most bespoke Wedding/Anniversary Gift!
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If you need some inspiration on the type of gift you require, please see our full range of Glass and Crystal, perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and corporate gifts.  Most items can also be supplied in a stylish presentation box and/or gift wrapped that will create a gift to remember.

We'll calculate the days for this unusual gift! Traditional Gifts are also available
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Glass Printing

We also offer a very inexpensive method to decorate Glass and Crystal, Pad Printing.  Available in up to 4 'Spot' colours. Printing on Crystal and Glass is ideal for short to long runs (20+ items) where all items are decorated with the same text/design - perfect for sports clubs looking for inexpensive volumes of glass and crystal for gifts and small presentations. Another popular use of printed glass and crystal is for wedding favours, such as tealight holders and/or shot glasses.

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